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Red vs. Blue Season 12 April 28, – September 29, Blue: Season Hey fellas, need some help with the ladies? Tucker and Simmons can be your wingmen! Just know that with their help Tucker and Simmons address the viewer from Valhalla, giving their advice on dating based on two separate situations: clubbing and online. Tucker recommends going to a club with low lighting and loud music, so that conversations between potential hook-ups do not go beyond superficial small talk, demonstrated with Sister talking to a soldier who apparently has a horrific facial scar. Simmons recommends Tinder, claiming that he swipes every girl he sees for efficiency. They move on to talking to potential partners: Simmons recommends asking personal questions to show a go-getter attitude.

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TechCrunch is reporting the news that is most relevant to our audience, including how the pandemic will affect startups, tech workers and entrepreneurs. For up-to-date coverage of the effects, spread and treatment of the virus, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization. French contact-tracing app StopCovid passes first vote May 27, Google outlines plan to get some employees back to the office May 27, May 26, Uber cuts jobs in India May 25,

co-patented the idea for blue jeans, manufacturing them starting in When the patent expired, competitors everywhere were also able to.

ZERO is a free, comprehensive patient support service to help patients and their families navigate insurance and financial obstacles to cover treatment and other critical needs associated with cancer. A prostate biopsy removes samples of tissue from the prostate in order to diagnose prostate cancer. The tissue is examined by a pathologist to determine if cancer is present.

Cancer can only be diagnosed by a tissue sample. More and more frequently, ultrasound is used to guide the needle and limit damage to any tissue. Because of these side effects, it can be a good idea to try to eliminate other possible causes of an elevated PSA or abnormal DRE before undergoing a biopsy.

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The following list describes each of the characters from the popular webseries Red vs. Blue , originally created by Rooster Teeth Productions. He is voiced by Matt Hullum , co-creator of the series, and first appeared at the end of Episode 1. Sarge is somewhat bloodthirsty, and the only Blood Gulch soldier on either team to actually be serious about war.

The following list describes each of the characters from the popular webseries Red vs. Blue Like Tucker, Palomo is immodest and perverted, although he manages to eventually gain the affection of Jensen, and by Season 15 both are dating.

Rooster Teeth began with the production of Red vs. Blue , which premiered in April and is still in production, making it the longest-running web series of all time after Homestar Runner. Due to server and web hosting costs, the founders created “Sponsorships” which is now known as “FIRST”, a subscription to exclusive and earlier access to content and discounts on their merchandise store, among other benefits.

The company later branched out into live-action shorts, series, comedy, Let’s Play videos, and full animated productions. Other projects include reality shows, video game development, entertainment news programs, and podcasts. In , Rooster Teeth released its feature-film debut Lazer Team , a science-fiction action comedy. The company hosts an annual convention, RTX , in several cities around the world.

The company’s videos are regularly released on its own website and app while podcasts and Let’s Plays are still released on their YouTube channel as well.

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I started out using some info from Bob Schwartz, retired EE. I give him credit for his article which I have edited and modified from computer equipment specific to guitar effect specific. What to do if something wet spills on your pedal or it falls into wet whatever? The following is not guaranteed but represents years of experience. Quick, unplug it! Unless there is a likely shock hazard.

While pairwise sequence alignment (PSA) by dynamic programming is red when PhyPA outperforms (PhyML/PROML + MAFFT) and blue when opposite.

Who knew a small piece of fabric could remain such a powerful marker of a global brand? Historian Tracey Panek. Though the Tab itself has changed very little over its lifetime, key differentiations in its gradual evolution have caught the eagle eyes of everyday customers and vintage collectors alike. So if you find yourself wondering about that orange Tab — or the red Tab with nothing on it — let this tale of Tabs be your guide.

When the patent expired, competitors everywhere were also able to manufacture riveted clothing. First, we used the Arcuate design , which marked the jean back pockets. We then added the two-horse pull-logo — trademarked around Though the Tab was and is a trademark, its evolution made it more of a timestamp think rings on a redwood tree for collectors and fans of the brand worldwide. With the orange Tab, designers got to be a little more experimental, incorporating more trendy and unusual silhouettes and stepping out of the stringent requirements put behind red Tab clothing.

Continuing in the vintage vein, those of you who were Richard Linklater-level fashionable in the s will remember Fresh Produce, denoted with a tab featuring a tiny carrot.

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A well executed poster has the power to grab someone’s attention while delivering an important message. Whether you’re promoting an event, selling a product or advertising a movie, the quality of your poster is crucial to the success of your venture. You can now create sleek and eye-catching posters from the comfort of your own home, using an Adobe Spark poster template as the basis for your design.

Whether you’re promoting a club or creating informational material, Adobe Spark breaks down the design process into easy-to-understand chunks.

Pervasive in art and textiles since ancient times, the color red is Red was also prominent in ancient China, with early examples of black and red pottery dating times that it cost more than Egyptian blue and red ochre from Africa. National Park Service Designs Hilarious PSA Poster About Bear Safety.

Hundreds of people around the world asked Arthur their questions about prostate cancer from to on the original Prostate Cancer InfoLink. Please understand that Arthur is not a physician. He is only a reasonably well educated layman with some experience of prostate cancer and its problems. He cannot provide you with medical advice. You should always talk to your doctor about your clinical condition and how it should be managed.

Questions and answers are retained on this page for approximately days from the time they are originally posted. Is it unusual for the pathology report to not include the length and Gleason score of the positive margins found? Also is it possible to get a second opinion on the entire specimen after RP to see if there were benign tissue at those margins identified as positive?

Seeing Red (and Orange…and Silver…): A Tale of Levi’s® Tabs

An increasing serum prostate-specific antigen PSA level is the initial sign of recurrent prostate cancer among patients treated with radical prostatectomy. Salvage radiation therapy SRT may eradicate locally recurrent cancer, but studies to distinguish local from systemic recurrence lack adequate sensitivity and specificity. Using multivariable Cox regression analysis, we constructed a model to predict the probability of disease progression after SRT in a multi-institutional cohort of 1, patients.

The resultant nomogram was internally validated and had a concordance index of 0.

While less common, cylinders can also be filled by a PSA oxygen plant that is US colour code. Grey. Brown and green. Red (USA only). Yellow. Black. Blue test ring may be fitted around the cylinder neck indicating the next due date for.

Visit the official website at MLB. Desirable vintage postcard has been signed within the lower border, “Roderick J. Card displays the slightest hint of scattered wear when viewed from display distance, however has deep angled slit to left hand portion which penetrates through to the back. Card displays light scattered wear and consistent age toning. Plank pieced together one of the greatest pitching careers of the early 20th Century primarily as a member of Connie Mack’s fabled Philadelphia Athletics.

He was a member of two World Championship teams winning 20 or more games in 8 different seasons and became the first left handed pitcher to win and then games. Pencil signatures rate 7 to 8 out of 10 with Plank’s last name being over dark portion. Paper is lightly toned with little wear. Dudley brand “Official League” baseball has been signed across a side panel and spanning onto the sweetspot, “Rube Marquard.

Clear coating has been placed over the signature panel and has toned slightly. Red and blue stitched Reach W. Ball remains very well preserved with just a touch of expected light consistent toning.

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The most valuable basketball cards in the hobby can easily fetch upper five and six figure price levels. Scarcity and fierce auction bidding competition can keep hobbyists searching for some of them for years. Another key point is we only featured cards dating prior to

PSA: Fake EA Sports Instagram account phishing for Xbox, Origin logins currency in order to obtain players’ Xbox Live and Origin account details. Malwarebytes, posting FIFA Ultimate Team offers dating back to April.

Saturday, Nov. Inside Michigan Football Radio Show 7 p. The Buckeyes have won seven straight and 14 of the past 15 contests. The Buckeyes hold an advantage in those contests. The Wolverines have won seven of the last 10 games played between top 10 foes, but the Buckeyes have won the last three meetings. The overall series dates back to , when the Wolverines claimed a victory over the Buckeyes in Ann Arbor.

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Red vs. Blue – First! PSA